Monday, June 9, 2008

Looking forward

I'm going to be 35 on Saturday and I don't really know how I feel about that.

I am thankful that I'm healthy and strong and that I don't have a terrible disease. I feel like I hear more and more about so many women my age getting breast cancer. I am very thankful I'm healthy.

I'm not taking my life for granted, but I guess I feel sort of blah.

It isn't the actual age--really it isn't. It's the feeling of looking ahead that freaks me out. That's typical me. Instead of basking in the moment, I'm worrying about the future.

But here are the thoughts that have gone through my head the past few weeks...

1. Many of my friends have been working steadily since we got out of college. That gives them 12 years of retirement stowed away. I only worked 7 years full time and then started staying home. I've been staying home since L and O were 2. I don't have any plans to go back to teaching full time until K is in Kindergarten. So, by doing these calculations, I'll be several years behind people my age. When they're all retiring to Florida, I'll still be grading papers and teaching kids what adjectives are.

2. Although I have no plans for this, if I were to get pregnant today, I would be considered a high risk pregnancy. I was graced with this label when I was pregnant with L and O, but now it would be because of my age. I'm a geriatric in the ob/gyn world.

3. This one seems to be bothering me the most. My mom started having horrible period issues in her late 30's. I remember this vividly because while she was coming to the end of her periods, I was starting mine. The problems she had resulted in first having her uterus removed, then a few years later one ovary, then a few years after that, her other ovary. I watched as she struggled and still struggles with menopause. Yuck. I would rather have a period until I'm 90 than not have any natural hormones in my body.

So, it's not about growing older, really. It's about what is happening to my body. It's really about anticipating the changes.

I don't know what I'm going to do to celebrate my 35th year, but I do know that I'm very grateful for my family, I'm grateful for my health, and I need to just stop looking forward with hesitation otherwise I'm going to miss out on something great.

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Colleen said...

Happy, Happy Birthday my cyber-sister. 35... I was 3 weeks shy of that magic number when I married!!! 37 when I had my first and 40 with my duo. Oh, and really, considering how old sooooo many women are now-a-days having babies??? I was practically considered 'normal'. Well, for around here anyway, though I truly know just because times and thinking change, the reality of age and time on a body doesn't. Alas, the BEST part is, the mind only gets better!!! It's a bizarre trade-off really. My mother too, was D.O.N.E. with menopause by the time she was 30. 30!!!!!! All the women in her family went early. I guess my sisters and I take after my father's side, bizarre. My grandmother had my father when she was 40!!! She was sooooo ahead of her time. Even my sister had her at 38. Geriatrics is a state of mind. REFUSE to give in...refuse I say!! I have! :)