Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Prayer

Last night at bedtime prayers, I asked the Landon, Olivia and Kate if there was anything they'd like to pray about. Olivia showed me her finger, which had a pretty sizeable stratch on it and then, Kate, the hypochrondriac, decided she had a scratch on her finger as well.

But, she didn't want to me to pray for it. She told me she could do herself and here was her prayer. I should add that this was SHOUTED heavenwards because evidentally, she thinks Jesus has a hearing problem.

"Jesus! Do you see my finger? (pointing upwards towards heaven so He can get a better look) It's hurting me! Do you see it? Do you? Do you? Jesus?!!!??!?!?! DO YOU SEE MY FINGER????? I need you to make it feel better!!!!! Amen."


Mandy said...

Oh my gosh I wish I could of seen that it makes me laugh.

Colleen said...

I like Kate's idea of praying. Here is my prayer tonight, ala Kate.
"Dear Jesus, do you see my life? Do you? DO YOU? I need you to make it better!!"

But I'll say amen at the end. After all, I don't want Jesus to think I'm rude. :)