Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making a list

As we were sitting down to dinner last night, the Food Critic, a.k.a. my youngest son, decided to voice his opinions on the menu.

Spelling errors are done to interpret his speech.
"Quesadillas? I don't know if I yike deese. Do I yike them?"

"Yes, I've made them lots of times. Eat. now. You must eat."

Whining, moaning, some more whining. More moaning. More whining.

And then his father says, "You better eat. Santa is still making his list."

To which his 2 year old sister replied as she sat munching happily in her high chair, "And he's checking it TWICE! You hear me? He's checking it TWICE!!"

Did it help motivate him to eat? Not really.

This morning he informed me, "Mommy, Santa doesn't really care what you eat. He just eats cookies and not quesadillas."

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nickparkemjamom said...

So FUNNY! I love your stories, and your spelling errors!!! SO tells the story better!!!