Monday, October 29, 2007

Temperature Shock

As I sit here in my cozy pj pants, my favorite long sleeved t-shirt, and my very big, soft sweatshirt, I am asking myself for the millionth time, "Why do I live in the Midwest?"

Coming back from Florida where warm weather and sunshine warmed my soul makes tolerating this cool fall weather even worse than it normally is.

We're back from our long awaited, much anticipated, vacation to Florida. I literally have hundreds of pictures to download, so I'll have to sort through those. Some of them will appear on this blog and the rest will be on Flickr, so make sure you click on the Flickr badge to see the rest. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get all of the important "returning home" stuff done. Stuff like laundry, reading the 76 emails that are in my inbox, and trying to figure out what the peculiar smell is coming from our refrigerator. I think something might be dead in there. I know it's not our cat since she is sitting at my feet right now.

Our trip was wonderful. Our house was wonderful. The kids loved swimming right in their own backyard whenever they wanted. I loved lying in my comfy bed upstairs being able to see the Disney fireworks perfectly without having to rush through a crowd of madness when they were over while I tried to not lose my children. Nope, when the show was over, I rolled over and went to sleep. Wonderful.

On Tuesday we went to Cocoa Beach. We were fortunate enough to see the Space Shuttle launch before filling every orifice of our bodies with sand. I love the beach. It is probably my most favorite place on earth; however, the sand, oh the sand. We have a miniature beach in our van now and I'm literally still getting sand out from the kids' ears. Just when I think I have it all--SURPRISE the sand is back. It was a great day. The kids loved it so much that it made me wish we lived near the coast.

Of course, Disney was a hit. As a surprise for O, we took her to the Bippity Boppidy Boutique for a makeover and then that same day we went to Cinderella's Castle for lunch. The look on her face was priceless and I got a lump in my throat several times that day when I thought about where we were in life five years ago at this time. L and O were just born, we were sleep deprived, O was chronically unhappy and we were scared out of our minds when we thought about all of the surgeries she would have to endure. Now, here she is, just a regular little girl who had the time of her life.

It's good to be home, even though the weather is cool. Check out the pictures on Flickr. I'm off to investigate possible death in my frig.


nickparkemjamom said...

GREAT PICTURES!! I came here from cleft advocate!

Just wanted to say how I LOVED the pictures of O getting her makeover. SO sweet!! And the pictures of the kids on the beach are priceless!! Made me itchy...but they look so happy!! :)

Your kids are beautiful!

june clever said...

Oh, thank you so much! Hurray! You're my first comment. Hope you'll visit often.