Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wearing a different hat this week

I've worked every day this week as a sub in 3rd grade.

I am tired.

No, I do not want a cookie or some other similar award for doing this because I know that the entire world works and right now someone who lives in Texas is probably reading this and wanting to throw something at their computer screen because I'm moaning about having had worked four whole days.

But, here's the thing, I'm not used to this type of work. There was a time a mere four years ago when I was teaching full time and being the mom to three children--two of which were twins who decided that sleep was not a necessity. And, I survived it, so I know that I'll survive this too.

This working arragement has really put my kids in a state of annoyance--particularly O. She keeps asking me in exasperated tones, "How many more days are you doing this? We need you here."

The kids are being very lovingly cared for by my mom. It's not like they're with a stranger.

It just makes me appreciate my time at home with my kids. Is staying home easy? Heck NO! There are days that being home and trying to juggle arguments, playing, housework, and laundry is more exhausting than a classroom full of talkative 3rd graders.

But today, I'm very thankful that tomorrow is Friday and next week I get to go back to being, Mommy.

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