Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why just four?

"Mommy, why don't we have five kids?" L asked me the other day.

"Because we have four," I answered. (real profound, huh?)

"But, I want five. We need five. I want a brother and I will be very nice to him. I will play with him and Mommy, you won't even have to do much because I'll change his diapers," he sounded like he was pleading his case to buy a puppy.

"We have four kids because that's what God wants us to have." There, I thought, let's push this off on GOD because I don't want to get into birth control with my five year old son.

"Please, Mommy!" he begged. "Please, I want a brother, please, please."

"You already have a brother and there would be no guarantee you'd get another one. So, I suggest if you really want another baby in our house, then you pray and ask God for one and if He thinks we need one, then He'll give us one."

A few moments passed as there was complete silence from L. I could tell he was thinking and then he said, "You know what. I just prayed and stuff and I think I don't need one anymore. Four is good."

Yes, it is my dear child. FOUR IS GREAT!

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Colleen said...

Funny one of yours brought this up, my oldest did too the other week. While driving no less!! I almost drove off the road. The only way for me to have another baby in this house is if I babysit one. Or someone leaves one on my doorstep. Otherwise, shop closed...