Friday, May 9, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Plane ride survived! The ride out there was absolutely perfect. Couldn't have asked for a more smooth, more uneventful flight; however, the ride back wasn't so great. It all started in Reagan National Airport when the security guard who obviously never learned manners decided to treat my son like he was Osama Bin Laden because he had a souvenir containing liquid in his backpack. I understand that we all must be respectful of the policies that are put into place to keep our nation and citizens safe, but let's use manners when we do it, shall we? And when the person is an 11 year old child, let's be nice.

I wish we would've worn pedometers because I'm sure we walked at least 20 miles this week--the majority of which was done on our first evening there when J and I got lost in Dupont Circle trying to get back to our hotel. Dupon Circle is like a spider. The center of the spider is a park and all of the street shooting off of the park are the spider's legs. When two small town people get turned around getting off the Metro, look out. We walked and turned and walked some more. Then we retraced steps and I almost started to cry, but figured a 34 year old woman standing on the street with her 11 year old son holding her hand trying to comfort her might be cause for alarm.

I will say that I have one very brave and calm son. He wasn't in a state of panic until he saw a homeless lady walking barefoot while talking to her shoes. That kind of alarmed him, but just for a minute. The next thing I knew he asked if he could go watch, "all those guys playing chess in the park" while I went to ask directions. I told him in my shreiking mother voice, "NO! ARE YOU NUTS? THOSE MEN ARE HOMELESS. I'M NOT LEAVING YOU WITH HOMELESS MEN WHILE I GO ASK FOR DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU WANT SOMETHING TERRIBLE TO HAPPEN TO YOU?"

Yeah, I overreacted just a bit.

Here's a picture of us on our visit to Mt. Vernon. We took the "National Treasure" segment of the tour. It showed us where things were taped for "National Treasure 2" and gave behind the scenes info and places. Lots of fun and well worth the extra $5.00 a ticket. So, here we are. Yes, my husband wore a suit to walk the dusty hills of Mt. Vernon and no he doesn't normally walk around like that on vacation, but he had just come from a meeting with a senator and he didn't think waltzing into a meeting with important politician wearing shorts and a polo would be very appropriate.

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Colleen said...

Ha ha ha
I guess you finally found your way back. I have no idea how I survived before GPS.