Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all the stuff that needs to be done around my house.

1. paint deck
2. plant flowers
3. spruce up the landscaping by blowing out leaves, getting more rock, etc.
4. touch up the scratches and dings to the walls that four children have caused
5. get new flooring in the living and dining rooms
6. clean out attic
7. clean garage

Yuck. It really makes me just want to hide under the covers. That's pretty much how I handle a list of tasks that make me feel like I'm preparing to climb a mountain instead of just doing routine house junk.

What is wrong with me?

Oh, but you have a husband to help you, you say. You aren't doing it by yourself!

Oh, silly, silly you. Yes, I do have a husband who in THEORY should be helping, but he's in a very busy time at work now which requires long hours. If he isn't there, he's coaching a time sucking, family-time robbing team U16 boys' soccer team, or he's helping coach Jonah's baseball team. Yes, there are all kind of tangents I could take on that subject, but I'm choosing not to because then I'd get all angry which wouldn't help my latest state of feeling overwhelmed.

Could I just rent a husband somewhere for these jobs around the house? Actually, I'd like to rent a robot husband. A robot husband wouldn't have to stop to rest, eat, pee, or watch t.v. A robot husband wouldn't put things off. A robot husband wouldn't complain or question. He would just do. While I'm at it, I'd like some robot children to help my robot husband. They would pick up sticks in the yard without turning the sticks into swords and reenacting scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean.

And while my robot husband and robot children were doing their jobs, my real family and I would go do something fun and then I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed.


Colleen said...

I relate. Completely!!! I always look at my neighbors and wonder how they get it done. Or do they? Does everyone just hide their 'stuff'?? Actually, the McMansions around here never have a problem. They have the next best thing(s) to robot husbands and children. Landscapers, house-cleaners, nanny, dinner reservations... you get the idea.

Mandy said...

And a robot husband wouldnt talk and you wouldnt have to fake listen....when you find one maybe we can share we can split mileage between our houses:)

june clever said...

Ooooo, that's a great idea. I think he might be especially busy during the holiday season. We'll play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets him for horrible job of putting away Christmas decorations. :)