Monday, May 12, 2008

It's good...if you're on Mars

As a gift to the little ones left behind when we made our trek to D.C., I decided to buy them some astronaut food at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum because come on, what is cooler than freeze dried ice cream?

After weighing our choices, J and I decided to buy two bags of neopolitan ice cream, two cookies and cream ice cream sandwich things, and a bag of strawberries.

The first night we were home, we whipped out the ice cream sandwich. It was interesting to say the least...the taste of the ice cream was there, but the cookie portion was not to far from what it would be like if you went out and munched on your sidewalk. Dairy Queen, it was not.

Next, we tried the strawberries. Imagine small pebbles that you might find in landscape design, paint them red, flavor them like strawberry, and then inject the pucker power of 50 lemons. "WOW!" Was just about all we could say as our faces went into a dozen different contortions. K, the eater of nothing, was the only person who liked them. She must not have taste buds.

When I asked L for his opinion he said, "I don't konw about these. I think they must taste better in space."

Having been revolted by the first two items, we haven't even tried the neopolitan ice cream. And, I don't think that any of my children will ever be knocking on NASA's door wanting to be astronauts.

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Colleen said...

I suppose when you're in space, tart pebbles are tastier than moon dust. Hey, at least you didn't bring back those diapers astronauts have to wear!!!